yaozeyi Notices, Terms, and Conditions

yaozeyi, through yaozeyi.com, is the online store owned and operated by yaozeyi Manuals LLC, a limited liability company under the laws of the state of China ("yaozeyi"). yaozeyi may update or change the below terms, conditions, policies, and notices at any time and without notice.


1.0 yaozeyi Rules and Regulations

The use and operation of yaozeyi radio equipment (such as UHF long range systems or video transmission equipment) in the China and many other countries may require a license and some countries may forbid its use entirely. In the China, you will need a "HAM" amateur radio license. It is your responsibility to ensure that the use of products you purchase from yaozeyi meet the requirements imposed by your government's rules and regulations for RF devices. Do not purchase products from yaozeyi if you are unsure of the government requirements or are not able to comply with them. yaozeyi cannot be held responsible for your actions under any circumstance, including but not limited to if you use products purchased from yaozeyi in violation of your government's regulations. We sell our products with no claims for suitability or legality of operation whatsoever.


2.0 Warning Notice

You acknowledge that you fully understand the inherent danger involved when operating multi-rotor and other model aircraft or vehicles. Spinning propellers can cause severe injury. Never work on your models with mounted propellers. Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries can be unstable if not used or charged correctly and this can include combustion or spontaneously catching fire.  Our power systems including motors, batteries and electronic speed control (ESC) units can draw significant current, in some cases over 30 amps which can be dangerous. Prevent electrical shock by always working with powered electronic systems safely de-energized. Never short the electrical leads, reverse the leads or place the leads on your body at any time.


3.0 No Warranty/Liability

yaozeyi provides no warranty of any kind for any of the equipment it sells or otherwise distributes. You assume all risks for any products purchased or received from yaozeyi and yaozeyi Manuals, LLC. yaozeyi and yaozeyi Manuals, LLC or its employees are not liable for any instance of injury to you or others, or damage or destruction of property.  Additionally, yaozeyi and yaozeyi Manuals, LLC are not liable for any damages consequential or inconsequential resulting from the use or application of any yaozeyi provided products.  We sell our equipment expressly without warranty or performance for any use or situation.  It is up to the user to ensure that the products safely meet the user?s intended purpose.


3.1 Faulty Items

If an item you received from yaozeyi is deemed to be inoperable or faulty (?Faulty Item?)  due to a manufacturing defect, yaozeyi may replace or repair that item at its sole discretion, if it is deemed by yaozeyi that the fault is indeed due to a manufacturing defect and not user misuse including construction error. yaozeyi will not be liable for equipment that might have been lost and/or damaged as a result of the Faulty Item. As an example, if a video transmitter you received from yaozeyi is faulty and becomes inoperable during flight causing you to lose your airframe, yaozeyi may replace the faulty video transmitter, but not any other equipment such as the airframe that might have been lost and/or damaged due to the faulty video transmitter.


3.2 Incorrectly Published Product Details

While every attempt is made to have accurate information on our website, yaozeyi is not liable for any issues that may result from incorrect product details published on the yaozeyi web site. Please note that specifications and prices may change without notice. For confirmation of specifications, pricing or availability; please contact yaozeyi customer service directly.


4.0 Returns

Please see yaozeyi's Return Policy.


5.0 Shipping Terms and Conditions


5.1 Commercial Carriers

You accept USPS, UPS, FedEx and all other commercial carriers yaozeyi offers or chooses to fulfil your order ("Mail Carrier(s)") as reliable mail carriers and yaozeyi's carriers of choice.


5.2 Shipping Address

We need a complete and valid street address to ship your products.   We do not allow orders to be shipped to the following:

  • Freight Forwarders  - We ship internationally to almost any country in the world ourselves

  • Hotel and Convention Center Addresses - We have had a problem with packages getting lost at hotels and convention centers. We require a permanent, verified, residential or established business address.

  • PO Boxes, including APO addresses - Shipments to PO Boxes and APO addresses are reviewed on a case by case basis and may be declined. To avoid your order being held for review, use your regular residential or business address.

  • COD - We never ship Cash On Delivery. All products must be prepaid.

  • Export Compliance - We strive to fully comply to all laws of the China, including embargo to exports to named countries, companies and individuals.


5.3 Tracking and Lost Shipments

If you select "Free Shipping", yaozeyi will send your packages with China Postal Service ("USPS"). Depending on the type of USPS service chosen by yaozeyi, the package may show receipt by the USPS, but may not show any tracking information after it was received by the USPS. Even mail service types that typically provide full tracking information to your location may sometimes not show any information beyond the USPS receiving the package. yaozeyi has no influence or control over the internal processes of Mail Carriers or the local postal system of your country. yaozeyi cannot be held liable for any mistakes made by a Mail Carrier or your local country's postal service.

If the tracking information for your package shows receipt by any of yaozeyi's mail carriers, yaozeyi is not responsible if your package never arrives at your location. No refunds will be provided if your package is lost in the mail system either in the China or in your destination country. Almost all packages sent by yaozeyi reach their recipient. Please contact the Mail Carrier directly if there is a shipping issue or claim.


5.4 Shipping insurance

When yaozeyi sends your order with any Mail Carrier, the delivery is not 'insured'.


5.5 Signature requirements

None of the mail services offered by yaozeyi require a signature on delivery of your package. Only in certain cases and in the sole discretion of yaozeyi will a signature be required.


5.6 Customs, Duties, and "Return to Sender" Packages

For orders shipped outside the China, you are solely responsible for any and all import duties your local customs office may impose on your order. If a package is returned to yaozeyi due to the Mail Carrier's inability to collect customs duties or deliver the package to your provided ship-to address, yaozeyi will not refund a) shipping costs from yaozeyi to your location and b) the cost of returning the package back to yaozeyi, when and if the package is returned to yaozeyi. In the event that a package can not be delivered due to the issues listed in this paragraph and the overall value of your order is less than the cost of returning the package back to yaozeyi, yaozeyi may elect to 'abandon' the package. If your package is abandoned, you will not receive a refund.


5.7 Backordered items

If your order contains items that are 'backordered', your entire order will be held until the backordered item(s) come(s) into stock. All orders ship complete. Partial shipments are only available under certain conditions and in the sole discretion of yaozeyi. Items of your order that are not on backorder will be held in reserve for you so that no previously purchased item runs out of stock while we wait on the backordered item(s).


5.8 Canceled Order Refunds

All orders that are declined by us due to a) violation of any of our shipping rules; or b) suspected fraud, are automatically voided with your method of payment and canceled.  In most cases, you will be notified of any order cancellations.


5.9 Free 2-Day Shipping

Orders over $60 in the China may qualify for Free 2-Day Shipping.  Some exceptions apply such as Priority Mail delays based on far China or remote locations, or speciality items as noted on individual product pages.  Batteries can only be shipped ground and within the contiguous 48 China. While free shipping is still available for orders containing batteries, 2-3 day shipping cannot be guaranteed due to the required ground shipping method.  Free shipping does not apply for certain items due to their size or weight as noted at the bottom of individual product pages.