1. For damaged product, please provide some pictures to show the details within 3 days after receiving it. 100% refund will be given after we confirm it and receive return package.

  2. For unsatisfactory dress product, you can choose to:

    • Keep it and get 10% - 40% refund;

    • Return it and get 70% refund on standard size item, or 50% refund on custom size item.

* The refund doesn't include shipping fee, rush order fee and photo confirmation fee.

How to Return?

  1. Contact us within 14 days from the date your order was signed. (You should contact us in 3 days if the product was damaged)

  2. We confirm it and send you the return shipping address.

  3. Send us the online tracking number within 7 days from the date you got our shipping address.

  4. We process the refund in 7 days after receiving the parcel.


Processing begins as soon as an order has been placed, but we also understand that sometimes customers need to cancel the order due to some reason. How much you will get after cancelling an order depends on status of order. Please check to make sure your cancellation meets the conditions described.

  1. Unpaid: orders will be automatically cancelled without payment in 7 days.

  2. Paid: 100% refund.

  3. Confirmed: 90% refund.

  4. Stocking: 60% refund.

  5. Orders can not be cancelled after shipment.